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Amethyst Meaning and Properties

Amethyst has been in existence since the ancient Greek civilisation and is steeped in legend and folklore. In fact, the amethyst meaning comes from Greek mythology and translates to ‘not intoxicated’ from the Greek word ‘amethystos’. Amethyst is part of the quartz family and it has a beautiful violet color. You can find this stone in many places around the world and is generally quite affordable. This stone is adored aesthetically and is a popular choice for jewelry. It is used as centrepieces for shops and also as works of art in the home. However, amethyst has a deeper meaning to some people. The crystal has a lot of depth and is held in high regard by healers and spiritualists around the world. In this section this semi-precious gemstone is explored in detail, explaining the meaning, properties and powers of amethyst.

Amethyst Meaning

In ancient Greece, amethyst was used to stop people from drinking too much and over indulging. In the centuries that followed, amethyst meant wealth and power to many people. It was also an elusive stone which was not easy to come by. This gave it a superior status over other crystals. However, in modern times you can find it in abundance. You can now buy it for a reasonable price at jewelers and high street stores. Thomas Sabo has a beautiful selection of statement jewelry at affordable prices, as well as Tiffany & Co and Dior offer a luxurious array of amethyst encrusted pieces. To people interested in spirituality and holistic healing, amethyst is a powerful stone with extraordinary properties.

What is the legend of amethyst?

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There are many variations of how amethyst came to be. The most popular of the amethyst legends is the tale about Bacchus, the God of wine, Diana the Goddess of the hunt and Amethyste, an innocent, mortal woman. French poet Remy Belleau (1528–1577) made this story come to life in his work.

Amethyst Stone Stories

According to the tale, a drunken and lustful Bacchus pursued virginal Amethyste as she made her way to the temple of Diana for worship. In fear for her virtue Amethyste calls for help. Diana hears the cries and transforms the maiden into a solid white crystal just before Bacchus reaches her. The touch of the white stone sobers Bacchus. The God of wine, humbled by this act of chastity, makes an offering of wine, which transforms the white stone purple. This 16th century tale cannot be located in classical sources. However, a historical legend dictates the titan Rhea offered Dionysus an amethyst to preserve his sanity from wine. Dionysus and Bacchus are the same God but with a different name.

What is the history of amethyst?

In Ancient Greece, amethyst was seen as a protection stone. However, it has also appeared in different cultures across the globe. Ancient Egyptians used engraved amulets to protect themselves against evil. Many people believed this gem had power against witchcraft and could combat negative energy. Medieval soldiers used amethyst to ward off evil thoughts and to help them on the battlefield. It was also a symbol of royalty and was used by the wealthy to show off their money and status. Many cultures associate amethyst with peace. The stone is thought of highly in Buddhism and is used during meditation. You can find amethyst in Tibetan prayer beads.

How did amethyst get its name?

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The origin of the name derives from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ and the amethyst definition is ‘not intoxicated’. In ancient Greece you could find people drinking from amethyst-studded goblets. The Greeks believed this gem could prevent the user from intoxication and over-indulgence. The stone was used to protect bearers against these vices.

When was the amethyst first discovered?

The true discovery date of amethyst is unknown but there have been records of this precious stone dating back to ancient Greece. It was a stone worthy of royalty and the amethyst price was equal to that of rubies and diamonds. Amethyst remained a valuable gemstone until the 1800s when it was discovered in abundance within volcanic rocks in South America.

Where can it be found?

You can find the crystal in many places including South Korea and North America. Siberian amethyst is considered high quality and it is located in Russia.

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Synthetic Amethyst

Amethyst does not only come from the ground, it can be created in laboratories too. The physical and chemical properties are almost identical to natural amethyst and it is difficult to tell the difference between the two with the naked eye. Synthetic stones can be used for holistic purposes however they are best chosen for aesthetic reasons instead.

Is amethyst valuable?

In ancient and medieval times this gemstone was widely sought after by nobility because it was seen as a luxurious item. Since it became widely available in the 1800s the price has dropped. It is no longer seen as the extravagant gem it once was. The value of amethyst is now placed in its beneficial properties rather than its monetary worth. However, larger geodes and stones with deeper colors can still fetch high prices on the market.

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What are the healing properties of amethyst?

One of the main reasons people use amethyst is for its acclaimed healing properties. It is used by those in touch with their spirituality and is revered for its healing and protective abilities.

Amethyst powers

Amethyst has the power to shield you against toxic emotions such as anger and anxiety. It also soothes feelings of stress and sadness. Amethyst has a cleansing nature and it can clear the mind of negativity and instill a sense of peace. As a result, amethyst encourages spiritual awareness and can increase focus. It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci believed amethyst could dissipate evil thoughts and enhance intelligence. True to the original meaning of its name, it is also known to have a sobering effect on the user and is used to prevent the wearer from drunkenness.

Physical Healing

Amethyst is a stone used to fight illnesses because it has the power to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the body of impurities. The stone is used to reduce physical pain and to heal the body from diseases such as cancer. It can also reduce headaches and stimulate the hormone system. The crystal can also be used to help weight loss because it can boost metabolism.

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Is Amethyst a healing stone and what are its uses?

Amethyst is a mystical stone with a natural, beautiful color. It is used by many purely for aesthetic purposes. However, it has a multitude of healing properties, as listed above. Therefore, amethyst is well-known as a protection stone with diverse healing powers.

Feng Shui

The amethyst stone can be used to ward off psychic attacks and to help improve mental and physical wellbeing. It is used by holistic practitioners to gain access to higher planes and in meditative practices. It is also used in the art of feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy, to achieve various results. In feng shui it is known for its harmonizing qualities.

What is purple amethyst used for? How do you use amethyst?

The amethyst color varies from pale pink and violet to rich purple hues. The color depends on radiation exposure and the amount of iron in each crystal. Amethyst can be used in the family home or at work for its healing properties. It can also be used during meditation to help clear the mind and if you use it in the bedroom it can help create positive energy. Amethyst has a rating of 7 out of ten on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This reveals the stone to be durable and long lasting making it practical for everyday use.

Amethyst Uses

Amethyst is a versatile crystal. It can be worn on the body as jewelry, carried in your pocket as an independent stone and it can even be used to decorate your home. It can also be used during meditation to clear the mind. Using amethyst in these ways can help you gain maximum advantage of the healing properties. Amethyst is used by spiritual healers and psychics to open up the mind and can help it flow freely.

Commemorative Stone

Amethyst is also the gemstone used to commemorate a couple’s sixth wedding anniversary. Historically however, the stone was used to honor the seventeenth anniversary.

Where should I place my amethyst?

Putting a piece of amethyst in your place of work can give you clarity and make you work efficiently. A small stone inside your pillow can help you get a better night’s sleep. To create a harmonious family vibe you can find a space in your living area to display your amethyst. Due to its calming quality, large amethyst geodes are popular in gemstone and holistic stores.

Feng Shui Bagua

A bagua is a feng shui tool used to determine energy in a specific area. For those practicing feng shui, you can use a bagua to place your amethyst in advantageous positions to create different energy. Place an amethyst in the North-East section to attract intellectual luck and spiritual growth. A crystal placed in the East section can make you lucky in health and in the South-East for prosperity. If you are looking for love, or a relationship boost, place the amethyst in the South-West corner.

What is the spiritual meaning of amethyst?

Amethyst Spiritual Meaning

The crystal can broaden your psychic awareness and spirituality by helping you access a higher plane. It focuses the mind and allows it to open up to things you never knew were possible. This semi-precious stone can awaken the soul and stimulate the third eye if used correctly.

Amethyst Spiritual Properties

This spiritual stone can encourage you to embrace the divine and helps you become more intuitive. It incites selflessness within and allows to be wiser by cleansing the mind and driving away negative energy. Amethyst benefits can vary from assisting you during meditation to soothing insomnia. In addition to this, using amethyst can encourage lucid dreaming. Some have even reported astral projection whilst using this crystal.

Amethyst Chakra

In meditation practices chakra refers to the wheels of energy running within the body. The crown chakra, or Sahasrara in Sanskrit, is found at the top of the head and is linked to spirituality. The crown chakra is the key to enlightenment and amethyst is often connected with this chakra. Amethyst has properties that can help you understand yourself, and the universe, better. The stone creates a protective bubble around the bearer and helps to balance the crown chakra. The crystal is known to heal and purify the spirit and soul.

Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst is the official birthstone of February and is used by people born in this month. It is also linked to the astrological star sign Pisces (January 21 to February 19). Pisces can use this stone to help them connect with their spirituality and it can help them look deep inside themselves and find inner peace.

Does amethyst protect you? What does amethyst protect you from?

Amethyst is a protection stone and can be used to protect you against harm. This can be useful when traveling and in everyday life. With its healing properties, the violet stone can help to protect you against physical and psychic attacks.

Amethyst benefits

As a protective stone it helps to deflect external negative energy. Within the body, it turns negative energies into positive ones such as love and understanding. This helps to protect the bearer from emotional harm.

What is amethyst a symbol of?

Amethyst was viewed as a symbol of protection in the ancient world. In the past it was used as a lucky charm in the form of amulets and talismans. For example, during the renaissance an amethyst amulet with an engraved bear symbolized good luck. It was thought that this amulet had the power to protect its wearer and ward off demons. The stone has a fascinating history and has symbolized many things over the course of thousands of years.

Amethyst Symbolism

In ancient civilisations amethyst was an expensive stone and it symbolized humility and protection. It was still worth a lot during the renaissance period and was used to show the wealth and status of the owner. It was seen as a symbol of royalty. Cleopatra was known to favor this gemstone, and it was included amongst the crown jewels in Britain.

Amethyst Meaning in Christianity

Amethyst is mentioned several times in the Bible and the color is thought to symbolize Christ’s blood and to remind us of His love and suffering. The purple stone used to adorn the fingers of Bishops to represent an allegiance to Christ. Within Christianity it was also a symbol of sobriety.

Is Amethyst dangerous?

If you use it externally it is not dangerous. This includes using it as a piece of jewelry or to decorate your home. In fact, amethyst has a lot of great properties and so it is actually very good for your mental and physical health. You can put amethyst in water before drinking and it will give you a peaceful mindset. Before trying this crystal infused drink, ensure the stone is thoroughly cleaned before placing it in water. Alternatively, you can buy water bottles with a permanent amethyst stone inside. The crystal should not be consumed due to the silica content. You should also avoid grinding up the stone because long-term exposure to powdered quartz could lead to lung issues.

Who can wear an amethyst stone?

Amethyst jewelry is very eye catching due to the beautiful violet hues and it can be worn by anyone. An amethyst crystal necklace can perfectly pull together an outfit. You can also just wear a simple ring for a personal touch. Amethyst jewelry which you can find at Gucci, or even at a Macy’s Department store, comes in many designs and can offer a versatile look which makes it suitable for everyone. Of course, a tumbled stone can be placed in the pocket instead if you would rather not use jewelry.

Why you should wear amethyst?

Due to its many healing and protective properties, amethyst can help to reduce stress whilst offering clarity to its wearer. This makes it great for people who are going through a stressful time at work or at home. Wearing the stone, rather than using it to decorate your home, means that you have a constant source of protection with you. Amethyst absorbs energy well and so wearing it can stop other people from touching your stone. This will reduce the risk of contaminating it with negative energy. In a practical sense, wearing the stone is a great way to prevent it from falling out of your pocket and getting misplaced.

Can you wear amethyst everyday? 

Amethyst properties include calming the mind and balancing your mood. This makes it a great stone to wear as part of your everyday attire. It has the ability to relieve insomnia and so it is useful to keep this stone close to you when you go to bed. In addition to helping you get a better night’s sleep, amethyst also wards off nightmares and helps you remember your dreams. Amethyst gives you clarity and assists in clearing your mind which makes it great to wear everyday.

What crystals should not be together?

To use your crystal properly you should focus on what you are trying to achieve and the end result you desire. As a general guideline cool colored crystals, such as amethyst, can help achieve peace and put the bearer in a calmer state. In opposition, warmer colored stones can help increase energy levels. In theory, combining two crystals from different color sets can have a contradictory effect because the different energy emitted by the crystals may cancel each other out.

Although color is a good indicator to stone compatibility, it is not always correct. For example red jasper, as the name indicates, is a deep red blood stone. It is often used to stimulate energy and can empower the bearer to take risks. When combined with amethyst, the bearer will have enthusiasm and courage to take action and the wisdom to make the right choice.

If you have a specific goal in mind then it is better to choose stones with similar elements and properties. If you experience a feeling of uneasiness then you are probably wearing an incompatible combination of stones. It is important to pay attention to your mind and body so that you can identify the right crystals that work well for you.

What is the luckiest crystal?

There are many ‘good luck’ crystals on the market but the question is, what do you want to achieve with them? There are many stones which can bring opportunity and using ‘lucky’ stones in the correct way can give you advantageous results. Citrine, also known as the ‘merchant’s stone’, is often labelled the luckiest crystal. Bright yellow in color, it is said to bring you luck with money and business. The stone incites self-assurance and helps the bearer with prosperity. Place citrine in your cash register or your wallet and it is said to help generate more money.

If you want to be lucky in love then the rose quartz is the one to turn to. This powerful crystal can help open up your heart chakra and release energy to help you attract love. Carry a rose quartz on your body to keep the love energy close. As you know amethyst has healing properties which can help you focus the mind and ward off bad energy. Therefore, it’s a great stone to stimulate good luck and dissipate bad luck. Wearing amethyst jewelry or keeping a stone in your pocket can help you stay lucky throughout your day.

How do you recharge amethyst?

Amethyst which has recently been dug up from the ground will not need to be charged because it already has full power from the earth. However, most stones travel a long way from the place of origin and so they may need recharging. This is to get rid of the stale energy from the journey and negative energy from other people handling it. Crystals have a way of retaining this energy and amethyst is an especially absorbent crystal. Therefore, it is important to cleanse your stone when you first get it and to keep recharging it regularly. There are many ways to recharge crystals and it is important you cleanse your amethyst in the correct way to preserve your stone well.

Sea Water

Sea salt is a cleansing mineral which has been used throughout the ages to cleanse hard crystals. It is said that salt has the ability to absorb negative energy and purify it. You can recharge your amethyst by submerging it in a bowl of sea water for several hours. If you cannot access natural sea water then mix a tablespoon of salt with a bowl of water. You can use any salt you have available.

Cleansing Spray

Using essential oils, unscented baby oil, colorless detergent and water; you can create a spray to help you charge your stone. This spray can also be used to cleanse your environment and you can personalise it with your favorite essential oil. In a small bottle add the amethyst, detergent, seven drops of essential oil and then the baby oil at the end. Next, hold the bottle in your hands and focus your mind on your charging intentions. Once you are ready, state your intentions out loud and then place the bottle in a calm and undisturbed area. After seven hours transfer the liquid into a spray bottle and add filtered water. The spray is now ready to be used.

Charging Stones

Amethyst has the power to absorb and regenerate energy. Large geodes or clusters of amethyst can be used to help recharge other crystals. Another stone which has the power to do this is selenite. If you wish to rejuvenate your amethyst then place it on top of a large slab of selenite for several hours. Recharging your crystal is a purifying process and so it is important to keep your mind clear and positive when you cleanse your stone. This will help to ensure that only good energy surrounds your amethyst.


Amethyst has an extensive history which is steeped in legend and folklore. This gives the stone a mystical edge and has made it very desirable throughout the ages. The wide variety of colors has made this crystal a popular and versatile fashion choice. On a deeper level, the healing and protective properties invokes the spiritualist in us and makes it perfect for holistic use. If you are still looking for the perfect amethyst stone then you can visit your local holistic store for guidance. It is a popular stone and it should be stocked in most shops. You can ask about the origin of the crystal to ensure you purchase a genuine amethyst. Amethyst is mined in many places around the world so if you have an amethyst mine in your local area we highly recommend you start your search there. Alternatively, you can find many reputable amethyst sellers online. If you already have an amethyst crystal then you can use this new found knowledge to get the most out of your stone and to incorporate it into your way of life.