Moss Agate

    Agate is a form of chalcedony quartz and the moss agate is a beautiful variation of the agate stone. In this section you will gain a basic understanding of agate. You will also learn about this family of stones and how you can use them holistically as crystals in your everyday life.

    What is an agate stone?

    The agate stone gets its name from the old Achates River, also known as the Dirillo, in Southern Sicily. Legend has it that the agate stone was first found in this river by the Ancient Greeks 300 B.C. It was used in stone carvings and as a warrior stone to protect and give strength to its bearers. In Crete, the largest island in Greece, agate carvings were discovered from the Bronze Age. Idar-Oberstein in Germany is an important source for this translucent stone and is well-known for high quality dyed agate. Nowadays agate is found in many parts of the world such as the USA and South America and large deposits are sourced from Brazil and Uruguay. Agate is a generally banded stone and this characteristic is often a good indicator of agate. However, there are several varieties of this stone which are not banded such as moss agate

    What is agate stone good for?

    Agate stones have a Mohs hardness rating of 6.5 to 7 out of 10 which makes it durable for most types of jewelry. Due to the variety of agate stone colors, it is popularly used for ornamental purposes. Agate geodes can be very striking due to the beautiful, banded display found inside agate rock.

    What is agate used for?

    In Ancient Egypt, natural agate cabochons were used to make the famous hand carved scarabs. Besides ancient decorative purposes, it is used by jewelers to make fashionable pieces. YSL stock understated agate necklaces and unique agate jewelry can be found at Thomas Sabo. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to holistic and spiritual uses, this is due to the large variety of agate stone. Overall, agate is seen as a stabilizing stone and its properties include protection, healing and balance. It is also used by some to commemorate the 12th and 14th wedding anniversaries.

    What color is agate?

    In its natural form you can find many colors of agate such as light blue, clear white, deep green and jet black. Popular varieties are red agate, green agate and pink agate. Although you can find naturally colorful agate, the stone is quite porous and so it has been dyed since the Ancient times. However, it was only in the 19th Century where you could find a perfectly dyed agate stone. This process was refined in Idar-Oberstein in Germany. After natural deposits depleted, shipments of grey agate arrived from South America. Nowadays many Brazilian agate stones are dyed to create intense colors.

    What are the different types of agate?

    In this section we will be focusing on moss agate but we will also share details about the wonders of blue lace agate, fire agate and black agate. However, there are many, many variations of the agate stone and they can vary from their appearance to their uses. Each type of agate is distinguished by its inclusions, the source of the stone and its color.

    Types of agate

    Dendritic agate

    Dendritic agate is a translucent stone with dendrite markings. In other words, the inclusions found in this agate resemble trees and ferns. It is also popularly known as tree agate for obvious reasons.

    Lake superior agate

    Lake superior agate gets its name from Lake Superior in Minnesota. It is the official state gemstone and was formed a billion years ago during the lava eruptions within this state. It gets its deep red hues from the large amounts of iron in the region.

    Carnelian agate

    Carnelian agate color varies from orange to red-brown and can have alternating bands of white.

    Indian agate

    Indian agate has a wonderful mossy color and was used in ancient times to give strength and boost confidence.

    Lace agate

    Lace agate is identified by its intricate lace markings. The base and bands of the lace agate stone can vary in color. A popular variety is the blue lace agate and it is well-known for its mystical properties.

    Iris agate

    Iris agate is a translucent stone with a white or colorless base. It is very rare and the beauty comes from the iridescent glitter effect when light hits the stone.

    What is an agate stone?

    In general, agate is found in abundance around the world and so it is very affordable, but there are exceptions. Some rarer varieties can be quite costly, for example large Fairburn agate stones can fetch a large sum of money and the elusive fire agate is also an expensive variety.
    Fairburn agate

    Fairburn agate is another rare variety of the agate stone and can only be found in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is the state gem of South Dakota and gets its name from the small town of Fairburn. This is where you can find a famous agate bed. There are many base and band color varieties but hues of red, white and black are the most popular.

    Snakeskin agate

    Snakeskin agate is semi-translucent and has a scaly pattern which resembles the skin of a snake. The base is often light in color and the bands can vary from white to different hues of orange. Snakeskin agate also refers to a type of agate which is red-brown in color with black bands.

    Flower agate

    Flower agate is an unusual soft pink stone with creamy bursts of delicate flower patterns. It was recently discovered in Madagascar.

    Eye agate

    Eye agate is distinguished by its perfectly round bands.

    Brazilian agate

    Brazilian agate can be as large as 3 feet and is used as spectacular centerpieces due to its sheer size and striking banding. Brazil has huge deposits of agate, however the brilliantly colored Brazilian agate found on the gemstone market is often dyed.

    Agate Stone Price

    Naturally colored agate, such as blue agate and green agate, are generally more expensive as they are rarer. However it is generally the unique pattern of the stone, or the artistry behind the cut which makes the agate stone more expensive. In some cases the more distinctive the stone, the higher the price will be. Moss agate can be very valuable as the moss-like inclusions can sometimes show a beautiful natural landscape within the stone.

    Feng Shui

    With its balancing energy, agate is a great crystal to be used in the art of feng shui. If you have different colored agate stones then use the color as an indicator for placement. Passionate fire agate can be very effective when placed in the South-West section for love and relationships. Place blue agate in the East bagua area for good health and the South-West for prosperity.

    Moss agate meaning, properties and uses

    Moss agate is also known as the ‘mocha’ stone and this name comes from the Arabian city in Yemen called Mocha, of which moss agate originated. This natural stone is found as fragments from volcanic rocks and is sourced from India, South America, the USA and central Europe

    What does a moss agate look like?

    Moss agate tends to have a grey to milky-white base with mossy green inclusions. The inclusions give the gem the appearance of moss growing inside of it. Despite appearances the inclusions are not made of moss but of manganese and iron oxides mainly.

    Moss Agate Healing Properties

    Moss agate has harmonious properties and can inspire confidence and hope in the bearer. This stone can help you see new perspectives and it encourages you to take smarter steps in the right direction. With increased self-confidence, moss agate has the power to help you understand what you truly want and to put your needs first.

    The element of moss agate is earth. Therefore, it has special grounding properties which invokes a deeper connection to the earth. Using this crystal can broaden your perspective on the world around you and help you step back and take in the natural beauty of the outdoors.

    Physical Healing Properties

    Moss agate can be used to combat a number of ailments such as inflammation, addiction and digestive issues. Using moss agate can help strengthen your immune system which can have a real effect on other physical issues you may be dealing with. It is also said to improve circulation.

    What is moss agate used for?

    A popular place for moss agate is in the garden. It is well known as the ‘gardener’s stone’, and as a grounding gem it encourages earthly connections. For those with a green thumb, moss agate can be placed in the garden and used to help your plants and flowers grow. As a healing crystal, moss agate can help revive dying plants and really boost vitality in the garden.

    In your personal life moss agate gives you the power to heal from emotional issues. The gem has properties that help you realize what is best for you and gives you the strength to make the best decisions for your emotional health. In addition to this, moss agate encourages growth which is helpful if you’re stuck in an unstable relationship. This stone can balance your emotions to help give you clarity when making decisions.

    What does moss agate symbolize?

    Moss agate is widely considered a symbol of new beginnings. In nature this agate stone can be used to encourage plants to grow and to help the bearer to love Mother Earth in a deeper way. In turn, the moss agate can give the bearer a wider perspective on the world around us and pushes us to show appreciation. As a symbol of new beginnings, it is also used by midwives to help the childbirth process run smoother and is considered a ‘birthing’ crystal. In addition to new beginnings, moss agate is a symbol of abundance. This agate stone can help individuals get out of sticky financial situations.

    What chakra is moss agate?

    With great powers to heal, the moss agate is associated with the heart chakra. Wearing agate jewelry close to the center of the chest can harmonize emotional energies and increase your self-esteem. Moss agate has the ability to open up this energy center and enhance relationships with others.

    Is moss agate and tree agate the same?

    Tree agate, also known as dendritic agate, is very similar in structure and appearance to moss agate. You can tell the difference between the two by the color and inclusions. Tree agate is clear to white and the inclusions can be black or brown and look like sprawling branches.

    Can moss agates go underwater?

    With a Mohs rating of 6.7 to 7 moss agate, as well as other agate stones, can safely go underwater with no fear of damage. With this in mind, moss agate can be placed in terrariums and open gardens to encourage plant growth and vitality as water will have no ill effect on the stone.

    Is black agate natural?

    Black agate is a banded variety of the chalcedony quartz family. The stone is translucent to opaque and can be found in natural environments all over the world. However, some black agates may have been dyed to give it a more intense color. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask about the origin of the stone when buying it.

    Black agate is a protective stone with powers that bring peace and inner strength to those who are grieving. This soothing gem offers serenity to the bearer and can balance one’s emotions. It can also be used as protection against negative thoughts and bad energy. Physically, this stone is worn to prevent bone and joint issues and to reduce digestive problems and nausea.

    Is black agate onyx?

    Onyx is a member of the layered chalcedony quartz family and it can look very similar to black agate. The difference between the two stones is that onyx has parallel bands and black agate has layered bands. Onyx is often associated with the color black however it can be found in colors ranging from brown-red to green. As a black stone, onyx can offer similar protective properties as black agate such as balancing energies and keeping away negativity.

    What is the difference between blue agate and blue lace agate?

    Blue agate is a banded form of the chalcedony quartz family and the blue color is often enhanced due to a dying process. However, you can still get naturally occurring beautiful blue agate - such as blue lace agate and the Holley blue agate. Holley blue can only be found in Holley, Oregon.

    What does blue lace agate help with?

    This pale blue banded agate has beautiful wavy lace patterns which gives it its name. It can help instill a sense of serenity in the bearer and take away negative emotions to help balance one’s being. Blue lace agate is great for those who struggle to express themselves as it can be used to enhance communication. On a physical level, the lace agate has healing properties connected to the throat. It can also help relieve inflammation and heal respiratory issues.

    What is blue lace agate good for?

    Blue lace agate is a great stone for those faced with challenges as it gives you the courage to power through any situation. With newfound energy, this blue agate gives you the confidence and perspective to consider a situation. It can help you speak your mind clearly. The stone has soothing qualities which is to be expected from the light blue color. It is good for reducing anxiety and feelings of loneliness.

    What chakra is blue lace agate?

    Blue lace agate is a good stone for unblocking the throat chakra, wear it at the center of your neck when you need a boost of confidence for public speaking. The blue agate can help unclog this energy center and clear your mind so that you speak articulately. Although the agate gemstone is commonly connected to the throat chakra, using it with the heart chakra can help the bearer realize a truthful love without conditions or expectations. Wearing the stone at the center of the chest can make you feel naturally blissful.

    Is blue lace agate toxic?

    The agate stone is not toxic, in fact it actually makes a powerful gem elixir that helps with self-expression. This elixir can reduce issues within the throat and stress. To create your own elixir combine a clean blue lace agate stone with filtered water, the stone will naturally release positive energy into the water which you can then drink.

    Agate is a strong good luck stone which can offer protection. The agate stone is one of the oldest recorded gemstones in history and it was worn in the armour of soldiers for good luck and to protect them on the battlefield. Moss agate, with its distinguished characteristics, was considered a lucky stone by British agriculturalists in the late 18th Century. In Europe you could find moss agate adorning the horns of oxen and hanging from trees to encourage a bountiful harvest.

    The yellow citrine stone is very well known for attracting wealth and placing this ‘merchant’s stone’ close to your money can help generate even more money. However, agate, in particular moss agate, can also help you successfully manifest wealth. Moss agate is a symbol of abundance and keeping this stone close to you can help clear the mind to help you focus and give you the drive to overcome any financial issues. This gem can help usher an abundance of prosperity into your life.

    Agate is not an official birthstone but it is widely associated with the astrological star sign of Gemini (May 21 – June 21) and is an alternative birthstone for October. However, with the wide range of colors available, agate is used as a birthstone for different months depending on the color. For example Thomas Sabo sold a red agate pendant charm to represent the month of January whilst you can buy a blue lace agate charm from Monica Vinader as a birthstone for September.

    All birthstones have power and can offer strong solutions when used for different purposes. For example, ruby is the birthstone of July and is highly regarded as a powerful stone. Traditionally it was used for protection and to keep away evil, to this day a natural ruby is still a very valuable stone. Wearing a stone designated to your specific birth month can keep you in good health and bring you good fortune and so the most powerful birthstone is the one personal to you.

    All crystals need to be cleansed to get the full benefit out of them. Agate can easily be charged by rubbing it thoroughly with a dry cloth and you can cleanse it by placing it under flowing water for several minutes.

    With a Mohs hardness rating of 7 out of 10, agate is a sturdy stone which will not break easily and it is used in jewelry without much fear of scratching it. However, it is best to store agate away from other gems, especially harder stones such as diamonds. Keeping it separate can also prevent it from damaging softer stones. To clean your agate use soapy water and rinse it well before drying it with a soft cloth.

    The many types of agate means that the benefits of this gemstone is extensive. Used in jewelry this stone proves to be durable and the variety of colors available can match most tastes. Holistically this stone is a fantastic friend to the earth as moss agate and can help you deepen your connection to the world around you. In the form of blue lace agate, confidence can be gained and communication improved and in times of mourning black agate can offer strength and serenity. Finally, the mystical fire agate can bring passion into your life when you need it most.

    You can reap the rewards of this versatile gem by keeping a tumbled stone in your pocket or displaying an agate geode in your home. If you want to keep a stone close to your body then agate jewelry is a great option. Luckily for you the agate stone can be found in abundance and so you can pop into your local department store to find many agates for sale. You can pick up agate rings and agate bracelets for affordable prices at high street stores. Visit Astley Clarke to browse through a range of stunning agate rings and agate bracelets.