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    Jewelry Care = elegance-wealth-power

    Jewelry draws attention naturally, sparks friendly talks, and symbolizes myriad messages like wisdom, elegance, wealth, power, and prosperity. No matter whether it is your sentimental piece, an unforgettable memory, or just something you love to wear, you want to keep your jewelry glimpsing at its best spark and glow. Maintaining such spark and glow in your jewelry requires special care and attention.

    CARING FOR YOUR THE GEM Stories jewelry pieces

    The Gem Stories Jewelry will be naturally beautiful, look attractive, and remain gorgeous for years. However, to make sure that your favorite pieces of jewelry last long, you want to learn how to care for them properly, and we’re here to help!

    We suggest that you must avoid any contact with the below substances:



    Bleaches and other Cleaning Material 


    We do not suggest swimming or going into the sea with your bracelet because it may cause damage to the jewelry.

    You can use a soft, lint-free cloth to polish silver easily. When silver, like gold, is exposed to a chemical, such as chlorine, it does not do well. We strongly recommend you avoid using any bleach, swimming in pools, or enjoying hot tubs when wearing any type of silver jewelry


    Jewelry, like art, is quite fragile and requires special care and attention. Here are a few recommendations on how to care for your favorite jewelry.

    Always keep all of your jewelry in their box or you can even place them in a bijouterie box if you already have one.

    When it comes to taking care of chain necklaces, you must keep them apart to avoid the tangling of chains.

    You should not wear any high-end jewelry pieces during intense activities.

    You can use warm water (not boiling) and a slight soap to clean your gold plated jewelry.

    How does jewelry plating color alter over time?

    All of our jewelry is either made of 925 silver, brass or gold. A thin coating of gold or platinum is plated over the silver or brass in various gold plating and platinum plating, respectively. It needs special care and attention to maintain them as long as possible.

    You can never prevent the plated color of your jewelry from wearing off. But you can certainly slow it down with proper care and attention.

    How to extend the life of your jewelry plated color?

    Natural skin oils and dirt in the atmosphere can reduce the life of your jewelry color. Cleaning your jewelry regularly and paying special attention can help you maintain the look as gorgeous as the day you purchased it.

    When it comes to extending the color life of your jewelry plating, taking exceptional care is crucial. To extend the color life of your favorite jewelry plating, we recommend you remove it whenever you apply perfume, lotions, creams, or other cosmetics.

    Before taking a shower, washing the dishes, swimming, or even visiting a spa, don’t forget to take off that favorite piece of your jewelry to slow down the wearing off of the platted color. Additionally, always keep your jewelry far away from any sort of chemicals, as these chemicals can permanently damage your plated jewelry.

    Storing your gorgeous pieces of jewelry when they are not in use

    When your jewelry is exposed to air molecules, it is more likely to cause significant damage. We recommend that you store your jewelry in velvet cases and special jewelry boxes. We strongly recommend you store each piece of your jewelry in high-quality velvet cases and fine jewelry boxes.

    If you already don’t have velvet cases and special jewelry boxes, you should instead store the jewelry inside the box you received when you purchased that jewelry.

    Why should you pay special attention to the black color?

    Some of our jewelry has a black color as a thin coating of special ruthenium on the surface. Ruthenium falls under the same metal family as platinum, making it a precious, noble, and rare metal. Every plated piece of our jewelry requires superior attention and special care, especially the black color ruthenium. The slightest damage can cause contrast with the base of your jewelry, which might be silver or brass.

    The team of The Gem Stories Jewelry chooses premium, top-notch materials for all of our jewels. However, some factors can have negative effects on first-rate designer jewelry:

    Direct UV exposure from the sun, for example, can induce fading in colored wood, paillettes, and many other (natural) materials. In addition to that, all alloyed pieces of jewelry, including gold plating, are also quite sensitive to perfume, hairspray, all propellant gas products, and the skin’s natural protective acid layer, which significantly differs from woman to woman. Thus, we suggest you remove each piece of your jewelry before using any form of cosmetics or perfume. Also, you must avoid wearing the jewelry in water, in saunas, on tanning beds, or even during sports. Always store all your jewelry preferably in The Gem Stories Jewelry box to avoid unexpected bends in the nylon-coated steel wire. If you can follow the above tips, your jewelry will provide you with many years of happiness.


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