Concrete Mint Pendant



  • Highest quality porcelain
  • Artisian Concrete
  • Hand-painted design


  • Stainless steel
  • 24k gold plated
  • Crystal
  • Gold leafs
  • Leather strap


  • 70cm


  • Lobster 925 sterling silver 24k gold plated

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This unique concrete and mint colored pendant is the perfect choice for a modern and trendy look. Handcrafted with love by The Gem Stories using natural concrete, this piece is full of character and charm. The unique concrete and mint color combination creates a vibrant hue that stands out in any outfit. The pendant has a minimalist design with simple geometric shapes that make it a perfect accessory for any style. The texture of the concrete creates a subtle sparkle that catches the eye and adds subtle elegance. Its lightweight construction makes it comfortable to wear and easy to style. Add a modern touch to your wardrobe with this handmade concrete and mint pendant from The Gem Stories.