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    The following terms of service apply to users of The aforementioned Website is operated by The Gem Stories Jewelry. The terms “We,” “Us,” and “The Company” refer to The Gem Stories Jewelry. The term “Site” refers to The terms, such as “User,” “You,” and “customer” refers to the users of our Site,


    Some of the features of this Site are only available to users who register with the site. By submitting your Personal Information when registering and accepting the Terms of Use, you consent that the information you submit is complete, 100% authentic, and up-to-date. If You need any change in your registration details, we advise you to contact The Gem Stories Jewelry team right away. Users under the age of 18 are not eligible to register on our Site. Please make sure your username and password are safe and secured. You will be solely liable for all the activities and purchases carried out using the login username and unique password you set when registering.

    Purchase Eligibility

    Whenever You make purchases from The Gem Stories Jewelry, You must provide personal information that you agree is 100% accurate, valid and true, and that you are responsible for.

    Those who have a valid card, either a credit or debit card legitimately issued by a bank, or those having an authentic PayPal account, are eligible to make purchases on the Site.


    Every order You place through our Site is dependent on the availability and approval of your payment method. The products You added to the shopping cart that has not previously been ordered will not be considered reserved and are open for purchase by the other users on the Website.


    Any internationally accepted credit card, such as MasterCard, Visa-branded credit cards, and/or AMEX, can be used to make a payment. Payments from authorized PayPal accounts are also accepted on the Site. All quoted prices are in Euros.

    Taxes, tariffs, EU VAT, and other tax or vat related fees are not included in the mentioned pricing. Any relevant fees will be the responsibility of the buyer and will not be assessed by The Gem Stories Jewelry.

    By purchasing with a valid payment method, such as a credit/debit card or PayPal account, You demonstrate that You are allowed to use such payment methods.

    Return Policy

    The Gem Stories Jewelry can refund your merchandise purchases only if you return them within 45 days after delivery. The merchandise must be returned to The Gem Stories Jewelry in its original packaging to be considered a valid return.

    To be eligible for a return, the item or product must not be used, abused, or misused in any way. The products or items you purchased have to be returned to The Gem Stories Jewelry by Verified Mail service, otherwise, We will not accept your return.

    Once the product has been considered a valid return, The Gem Stories Jewelry will immediately refund the money you spent on the product you just returned deducting the cost of shipping fees and packaging expenses.

    We recommend you take all reasonable attempts and verify that those returned products are delivered. The funds will be refunded to the Customer within 14 working days or two weeks after your refund request is confirmed. Please remember that We are not able to refund or exchange any solid gold and/or custom-made items because they are made particularly at your request.

    However, the cost of shipping will be charged from the delivery of that particular product from the shopper to The Gem Stories Jewelry which is paid by You, the Customer, at the time of return or exchange of defective or non-faulty merchandise, and we pay the cost delivery of that item or product back to You.

    Product Delivery

    Where applicable, The Gem Stories Jewelry delivers ordered items through DHL, FedEx, or any other traceable international shipping services. Please note that the items you ordered will be delivered only twice to the delivery address you provided via the above-mentioned shipping providers or any other suitable shipping service. Please ensure someone is available at the delivery address you provided on the day of delivery. Any uncollected product or merchandise will be returned to The Gem Stories Jewelry, and the Customer, You, will be charged for the cost of two-way shipping in the event of a refund. Additionally, the merchandise is insured by the shipping provider. Nevertheless, the customer must review the parcel content carefully while receiving the products from that delivery man. In case you find an item or content missing from the product you ordered, please never take that product and do not hesitate to return that product to the delivery man, this will allow us to take necessary action with our insurance contract.


    Even though The Gem Stories Jewelry staff is devoted to ensuring define every single written on our Site is 100% valid, error-free, authentic, and of premium quality, however, the Company cannot guarantee the precision and culmination of the information recorded in this. Additionally, we own the legal right to make any changes to the information on the Site whenever we need to, and We do not promise to update any outdated information.

    Intellectual Property Rights

    By utilizing our Website,, and signing up as a registered User or customer, you do not own or granted any form of copyright, product designs, trademarks, or other types of intellectual property and material rights linked with the products, content of the Site, or any other corresponding rights associated with The Gem Stories Jewelry or any of its services or products.

    To use any content on the Site one must need explicit written permission from our Company, verified authority, and/or its approved agents. Any form of duplication not explicitly authorized is forbidden and can lead to civil and/or criminal retributions.

    The creation of no more than one (1) single copy of this Site’s content solely for personal use is the only exception to such civil and/or criminal retributions and prosecutions.

    Non-personal Use

    Our Site,, is primarily designed for personal shopping only, you cannot shop on our website for commercial purposes. Any form of copying, allocating, modification, transmitting, recreating, or reselling any content or material of this Site, or reselling our products portrayed and developed by the Site is strictly prohibited. Using this Site for any commercial purpose, such as advertising or selling for your own website, is strictly forbidden.

    Activity as a User

    We, The Gem Stories Jewelry, reserve the right to track, analyze, and monitor User activity within this Site. If We discover You have been involved in any forms of prohibited activity, for example, those mentioned above and including any disrespectful behavior or activities towards other users and/or any other violation of Our Terms of Use, You may be restricted from accessing the Site either temporarily or permanently.

    Third-Party Links

    The Gem Stories Jewelry reserves the right to insert, and/or embed third-party links to different Websites that are not under the Company’s control, including but not limited to those third parties who want to advertise on our Site. The Gem Stories Jewelry is capable of reviewing each link individually. As a result, We are not able to endorse or be held liable for the content, terms of use, or privacy policies of such third-party websites. Additionally, we are not liable for any form of alleged damage or loss resulting from accessing those third-party sites linked with our advertisements as well as other third-party services.


    The Company will take responsibility for any form of damage, or injuries caused by our employees and/or agents’ misconduct or negligence. We, The Gem Stories Jewelry, are also included in any form of misrepresentation or misconduct by the workers and/or contents of our Website. None of the policies stated within our Terms of Service are meant to violate your privacy or individual rights.

    In any case, if We, The Gem Stories Jewelry, break or fail to observe our Terms of Use or privacy policy, We will solely be responsible for the casualties considered direct losses and a fairly predictable outcome of that action of imprudence or any form of breach. However, We will take no responsibility for such losses that are not under the Company’s control.

    User/Site Relationship

    As a User of our Site, You consent that You are not affiliated in any way with the Site or The Gem Stories Jewelry or entitled to the benefits of any type of a joint venture, agency, business partnership, or even any sort of employment with The Gem Stories Jewelry or its workers. You agree not to present yourself as an ambassador, representative, or agent of The Gem Stories Jewelry by agreeing to our Terms of Use, and the Company will never be subject to being held accountable for your misconduct or misrepresentative activities.

    No Waiver

    In case, We find any User involved in any breach of our Terms of Use policies and still the Company has not taken any action, We have every right to take necessary actions upon further violations of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.


    If any administrative or judicial change affects our capability to offer our Site and its services or products to You, any event that is not under our control stems you from accessing our Website or its products and/or services, or even if You are in any way supposed to have misused our Website or violated our above-mentioned Terms Of Use, We reserve every right to ban your access to The Gem Stories Jewelry Website and its products or services and deny equivalency at the discretion of our team.


    Most items are manufactured to order since they are custom made. Based on the volume of orders received, it may take up to 1 to 2 weeks for an item to be delivered. Once your custom-made item is ready, it is normally delivered within two working days of completion. Orders are processed in a manner of sequence in which they are received. This prohibits a customer’s item from being returned to the production line. This guarantees that all clients are treated fairly and appropriately.


    Customers in Greece

    We ship via Hellenic Post. Every order within Greece comes with a tracking number. Prices are calculated based on the size and weight of the products.

    Customers in EU

    We ship via DHL and Hellenic Post.

    International Customers

    We ship via DHL.


    We accept both PayPal or Credit Cards. When checking out, simply choose your preferred payment method.


    Every sale is final. However, if a malfunction or failure occurs, we will provide a full refund or exchange upon receipt of the product and thorough inspection.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We would be delighted to help you. We are happy to assist you.